Changing What We Believe—Mental Health and Aging

Consider this scenario: Judy is a 64 year old woman; she is talking to her friend about some changes she has noticed. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. For the past two weeks, I’ve just been feeling so tired. It’s tough for me to get moving in the morning. The worst part is I keep walking into rooms and completely forgetting what I was in there for!” Read More

Revenue Cycle Manager

The Revenue Cycle Manager is responsible for all aspects of the revenue cycle workflow which includes posting, billing, collections, client inquiries, credentialing providers, verifying insurance, problem solving with all insurance carriers, managed care, Medicaid, Medicare, third-party insurance and all contracted entities.Read More

Peer Specialist

The Rehabilitation Specialist/Peer provides rehabilitation and support services and oversees and coordinates rehabilitation readiness activities and services to people with psychiatric disabilities.  Additionally, the Rehabilitation Specialist/Peer works in partnership with the PROSper team and consumers to facilitate engagement, communication, and person centered planning, self-advocacy and empowerment. Read More

Childcare Worker

The Childcare Worker works in partnership with the program team and clients to provide safe, therapeutic childcare in order to help ensure that the clients are able to attend weekly program groups. Read More

Lila's Success Story

Lila’s Story

Many children experience traumatic events in their lives that ultimately affect their ability to cope with stress. Lila was certainly no exception. When she entered treatment at CoveCare Center as a teen, her parents had undergone a divorce, older siblings were struggling with disabling conditions including substance abuse, and the family was experiencing significant financial difficulties. Read More

Art Therapy: How and Why it is Beneficial for Clients

Art Therapy: How and Why it is Beneficial for Clients

At CoveCare Center, we employ many proven methodologies to help both children and adults cope with mental health issues as well as substance use.   Art therapy is one of many successful therapeutic interventions for coping with the challenges that life brings us.  Key benefits that can be derived by our clients from art therapy are:  self-discovery, personal fulfillment, empowerment, relaxation, and improved overall health–including physical, emotional and cognitive functioning, interpersonal skills and quality of life.  Creating art increases serotonin in the brain, allowing our clients to feel more comfortable opening up about their feelings which in turn helps them to build self-worth and self-confidence. Read More

Putnam Family & Community Services’ 8th Annual Adult Spelling Bee Team Championship, April 27, 2017

Many Thanks to All Who Supported the 2017 Spelling Bee!

The AkzoNobel Bees came away victorious once again after a rousing competition at the 8th Annual Putnam Adult Spelling Bee! This always rousing event was made even more so by the keen competition for second place, resulting in a tie between the Putnam Hospital PIRATES and the Putnam Health Dept. BEES KNEES. AND….best of all there was fun had by all and lots of funds raised for PFCS! Read More

Depression: It has many faces…and is treatable!

According to the Center of Disease Control, it is estimated that only about 17% of adults in the U.S. are “considered to be in a state of optimal mental health” in that they can “realize their own abilities, can cope with normal stressors of life, can work productively, and can make contributions to their community”. This means that the rest of the adult population has a diagnosable mental disorder or health condition that impacts their ability to function in some way. The CDC goes on to say that depression is the most common diagnosis, affecting more than 26% of the U.S. adult population.