Part-Time Social Worker Mental Health

The Social Worker shall use psychotherapeutic skills in the provision of clinical and case management services to people with mental illness and other co-occurring disorders, and shall establish and maintain contact with professionals and family advocates in the community for the purpose of maximizing services for clients.   This is a PART-TIME (11 hours per week) position working at our satellite office at St. Christopher’s Inn. Read More

The Transformative Power of Peer Support

Having worked in mental health services for over 25 years, I have had the privilege of meeting many courageous people who are walking through life, facing challenges head on, combating obstacles to recovery, and being brave enough to tackle stigma by identifying themselves as a “peer.” Read More.

Family Support Navigator

The Family Support Navigator shall be assigned to work in the Family Support Navigator grant-funded program.  The Family Support Navigator is a part-time position, 17 hours a week maximum, and is directly responsible for meeting with individuals and families in their homes or places of their choice in the community.  Additionally, the Navigators will also have a presence in various community settings during the week to be a resource for the community.  The expected outcome will be for Family Support Navigators to provide information about resources to help individuals and families connect with substance use treatment facilities, in-patient settings, community-based organizations, self-help and support groups, and managed care organizations so that the appropriate level and culture of care is provided. Read More

Alcohol and Older Adults: Stay Aware and Healthy

While we tend to focus on the effects of alcohol on our younger generation, there is a growing alcohol issue with our senior population. Alcoholism is a rising problem as baby boomers are facing life-altering events such as retirement, losing a loved one, or losing one’s life purpose. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), drinking among seniors age 50 and older is rapidly increasing. In fact, drinking within this population has been growing the most! Read More.

Lila's Success Story

Lila’s Story

Many children experience traumatic events in their lives that ultimately affect their ability to cope with stress. Lila was certainly no exception. When she entered treatment at CoveCare Center as a teen, her parents had undergone a divorce, older siblings were struggling with disabling conditions including substance use, and the family was experiencing significant financial difficulties. Read More.