Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Position Summary

The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is responsible for providing psychiatric evaluations, medication and education for those individuals who require further assessment and/or medication to assist in alleviating symptoms related to mental health difficulties. The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner also consults with other staff regarding specific issues that impact on treatment.


• Provides psychiatric evaluation for applicants whose diagnosis requires clarification and/or who need to be assessed for psychotropic medication;
• Provides substance use assessments and for client’s who’s diagnosis would benefit from Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
• Provides education about any medication prescribed and administers parenteral medication and supervises the use of any psychotropic medication;
• Coordinates the use of psychotropic medications with the applicants’ physician whenever the applicants have a co-existing physical condition;
• Engages in consultation with other staff regarding diagnostic and treatment issues as needed;
• Completes CPL 730 examinations for the court as requested;
• Provides crisis intervention services as needed;
• Provides psychiatric evaluations and medication supervision for inmates at the Putnam County Correctional Facility;
• Dispenses samples of medication as deemed appropriate;
• Provides Nurse Practitioners with supervision as specified in the collaborative agreements;
• Completes evaluations for Social Security, VESID, Putnam County DSS and the judicial system as requested and with the cooperation of the applicant;
• Attends staff development training seminars on current practices as directed by Chief Medical Officer;
• Undertakes related duties as assigned.

Administrative Relationships:

The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner reports to the Chief Medical Director for issues regarding case assignment, coordination and follow-up, collaborates with other staff.


Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree or a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree from an accredited school with a residency in child, adolescent or adult psychiatry and board eligibility in either child, adolescent or adult psychiatry. At least one year experience working with mentally ill adults and children. Current licensure by
the New York State Education Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration is also required. Must have basic computer literacy and excellent verbal and written skills.