Family Support Navigator Program

The Family Support Navigator Program assists families and individuals struggling with Substance Use Disorder (addiction) by providing information on a variety of available resources that are vital to recovery. This program provides free services at a location of your choice.

The program provides:

  • Family Support and Guidance
  • Information and Referrals to Treatment, Social Services, Self-Help Groups, and Recovery Services
  • Assistance in Making Community Connections
  • Family Support Groups & Addiction Education Workshops
  • Holistic and Integrated Approach to Trauma Informed Services

All services are:

  • confidential and free of charge
  • available days, some evenings and weekends
  • at locations of your choice

Our trained staff will help you understand the progression of addiction and its impact on families. The program will increase the knowledge of existing and emerging supportive and recovery-oriented services.

Addiction and overdose are tragic--and preventable. There are measures that can be taken: being involved with young people, friends, and family, and talking to them about substance use; ensuring that prescription medications are stored or disposed of in a safe manner; promoting education about opioid overdose prevention.

For Information on the Family Support Navigator Program of Putnam & Westchester Counties, please call Susan Salomone, Resource Manager at 845.225.2700 x 245.

This program is in partnership with Drug Crisis in our Backyard.

Download our brochure here.

Download our brochure en español.