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Business Hours (Via Phone Only) Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm Virtual Resources Substance Use Group/Information: Spotlight Family Support Group – for anyone struggling with the effects of substance misuse in a family member or friend. Currently meeting virtually. Please call Susan at 914-582-8384 for more information or just to talk. You may also visit […]

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Thanks to your generosity, nearly 9,000 individuals partnered with CoveCare Center over the past year to address mental health and substance use issues and pursue a life of recovery and wellness. They couldn’t have done it without you – and neither could we. Read More.

Health Home Care Manager/Children

The Health Home Care Manager is responsible for coordinating services and supports for children under the age of 21 with severe emotional disorders and/or other qualifying disorders in order to help maintain them successfully in the community.Read More


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A Message from CoveCare Center

CoveCare Center believes that Black Lives Matter. We stand against systemic racism and brutality against Black people. This is not a political stance. This stance is in line with our values of recovery and wellness, the achievement of which are not entirely possible for those who are marginalized by a system that privileges some while putting others at a disadvantage.

At CoveCare, we understand that each person’s experience is informed by history, both personal and societal. This perspective allows us to greet people where they are, with the sensitivity and understanding necessary to validate, support and make progress. Our obligation to these values informs our work and our desire to improve, a task to which we are actively committed.

I recently received an email from a member of our team, which read in part: “Driving into the office this week, I passed the peaceful protest being held on Route 52. Seeing that gathering of people coming together during a pandemic requesting justice for people of color indeed strengthens the hope that I have for us as a society after all of this. Seeing Putnam step up and speak out mattered to me. It reminded me why I am proud to be a contributor to this community.”

CoveCare Center stands with the Black community. We stand with you. And we are proud to do so.

With love and respect,

Eric A. Toth, CEO

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