PROSper Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try out the program first to see if I like it? Can I talk to other clients before making up my mind?

Yes. There is a screening/intake process, which can take up to 6 weeks. This gives you the time to decide if the program is for you, and it also helps our staff fully assess your needs. During this screening period you are a welcomed member of the PROSper community and are invited to try multiple groups and meet other community members. You may choose to shorten this screening time and be admitted sooner.

Will I get a therapist at PROSper and when will we meet? What if I already have a therapist?

After completing the intake process and being admitted to PROSper, you will be assigned a rehabilitation specialist who will meet with you regularly and provide the support you need to succeed here. If you are seeing a therapist outside of PROSper, you may choose to continue doing so while still coming to PROSper for rehabilitation groups.

Do I need to find a psychiatrist or is one provided? Can I keep my own psychiatrist? How often would I see a PROS psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are available at PROSper and you will be assigned one if needed. If you have a non-CoveCare Center psychiatrist, you may choose to keep your own psychiatrist. Staff will request written consent to have ongoing communication with all outside treatment providers, including your psychiatrist.

On average, most PROSper community members see their psychiatrist monthly. If there are times when you need to see the doctor more frequently (e.g. to discuss a side-effect or when trying a new medication) our staff nurse can assist you in scheduling an appointment.

How many people are in a group?

Groups range in size from approximately 4 to 11 members.

How long are groups? Are groups back-to-back or are there breaks?

Each group session is scheduled to last 50 minutes with a 10minute break before the next group. Your schedule is customized to your needs and the goals you want to work on, so your personal schedule may or may not have back-to-back groups. You and your rehabilitation specialist may decide that you will attend a few of the many groups offered in a day, or you may choose to not attend groups on certain days.

How many groups do I have to go to a day, a week, or a month?

The answer will depend on your needs since your plan will be customized by you and for you. Some people receive more services, some receive fewer. You will work with your rehabilitation specialist to build the plan that is right for you.

Is lunch included in the PROSper program?

Food is not provided. From 12:20 until 1:00 there are no groups so that you have time for lunch. You may bring your own lunch (refrigerator and microwave are available to all), or walk down the street to choose from a number of popular eating establishments. There is also a lunch truck that visits the CoveCare Center parking lot twice a day (around 10:30 am and 12:30 pm).

I don't have a car; how do I get to PROSper?

Medicaid transportation can easily be arranged for people who qualify for Medicaid. We are located along the public bus route on Route 6 in Carmel (not far from Putnam Plaza) so you may get here by bus, or para-transit for people who qualify for that service. Please talk to PROSper staff if you are having difficulty getting here.

Can I bring and use a personal cell phone, laptop, or iPod to PROSper?

Of course! Just please be courteous and respectful to group members and keep your cell phones on vibrate during group. Also, your attention and respect to the group is expected not only for the group's sake, but for your own recovery, so laptops closed, ear buds out, and texting thumbs to rest during a group. You may also leave your electronics at home, as a lounge with computers is available to our PROSper community.

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