Spread Hope for Recovery

Thanks to your generosity, nearly 9,000 individuals — children, parents, seniors, family members–partnered with CoveCare Center over the past year to address mental health and substance use issues and pursue a life of recovery and wellness. They couldn’t have done it without you – and neither could we.

One story I’d like to share is of Christopher, a young student facing overwhelming anxiety and feelings of isolation and hopelessness. Christopher began missing more and more days of school as he was afraid to leave his home and fearful of riding in cars. He began avoiding the social and recreational activities he once enjoyed.

I think we can all relate to anxiety in some way, whether we have experienced it ourselves or witnessed its impact on friends or family, and we know that young people today are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety.

What helped to turn things around for Christopher? The programs that you have supported over the years. Within our Community Based Children’s Services, one of our trained therapists was able to form a strong relationship with Christopher, creating a positive connection that allowed Christopher to learn strategies and develop goals to overcome his anxiety and get back to enjoying school, friends and activities.

I share this story to highlight how you have helped—and can continue to help—our community. In supporting CoveCare Center, you empower your neighbors, friends, family members and coworkers to improve their lives in so many ways. I hope you will again contribute to CoveCare Center and invest in the many services and programs we provide for a healthier and happier community.

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Eric A. Toth, LMSW, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Thank you again for helping kids like Christopher succeed! As a nonprofit agency, we rely on your support and greatly appreciate your partnership.

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