Help youth in our community make healthy memories this summer!


Summer… the season to kick back, get outside, and make memories. While this may evoke images of carefree, happy children and families, there can be more to it than meets the eye.

As you may be aware, we are in the middle of a mental health crisis that is affecting all generations but has been especially devastating to our youth.

According to a recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of three teens in America reported that the state of their mental health was poor. Two out of every five felt persistently sad or hopeless. Nearly 40% of their parents report being worried that their child is struggling with anxiety or depression.

Young people are grappling with a multitude of challenges and need our help now more than ever!

CoveCare Center is actively at work to address this crisis. In 2022, we created and implemented a new Respite Program to provide recreational activities in the community for children experiencing mental health challenges, with the intent of building positive relationships with peers and adult mentors. The program also provides caregivers with temporary relief while ensuring their loved one is cared for while away from home.

In one year, the program grew to serve more than 70 young people through more than 70 planned trips!

“These experiences are more than just enjoyable outings; they serve as platforms for the children to build social skills, foster teamwork and create lasting friendships,” said Brandon Lillard, Coordinator of the Respite Program.

In addition to our Respite Program, CoveCare’s Prevention Team runs a program at Camp Herrlich, which provides creative, fun, and engaging activities to promote positive social interaction and peer connectedness. These are just a few examples of the wide range of programs and services CoveCare provides in our offices and in the community to address these rising mental health needs among our youth.

You can help kids make healthy and fun memories this summer and year-round!

Your gift could help children and youth who are experiencing mental health challenges and the pressures of substance use stay healthy amid this crisis. Your donation makes an impact and helps us to continue to bring health, wellness, and preventive education to our community.

Whether a first-time donor or a longtime supporter, please know that every gift is a life changer for a child in our community.

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Eric A. Toth, LMSW, MBA
Chief Executive Officer